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Air Scientifics

At Air Scientifics we specialise in the sterilisation and filtration of air.

Using a unique patented technology called Close Couple Field Technology (CCFT), Air Scientifics equipment breaks down airborne Biological agents, Chemicals, Particulates and Odours and then traps any debris in a unique High Air Flow (HAF) Filter.

CCFT and HAF have been verified against a wide range of Biological and Chemical agents, the combination of these two technologies providing class leading sterilisation and filtration in all tested applications.

With proven effectiveness against:

Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Chemicals, Allergens, Smoke, Odours, Particulates

Utilising the skills of industry experts, at Air Scientifics we specialise in providing both customised bespoke and “off the shelf” solutions.

Air Scientifics — A breath of Fresh Air !!